A carefully selected team of people, some with us for more
30 years.
So now people in the family, we will guide you in your choices, respecting the tastes of each, entering on tiptoe in your spaces with the love and respect that distinguish us.

Nerina Fiorin

The desk, the workplace, where it all started more than 50 years ago, and I will look to this day to give you my advice, because my experience will be useful in choosing your style of living.

Lia Fiorin

The bedroom is for me to relax, to the children’s room is full of fun, for others it is a time to be at peace with themselves, furnish it with taste is a mission that I carry out with joy.

Gian Luca Rossi

A large peninsula, where the house comes to life and we meet with friends to celebrate the events most pleased, and the house comes to life.

Giovanna Brancatelli

I am the queen of the chair, the kingdom that knows no setting of the sun, because it is nice in the evening to live with their family (or even without!) The excitement of a new film accompanied by the soft embrace of one of the creations of the best companies on the market.